The Company originally incorporated as The Jayabharat Insurance Company Limited on 25th March, 1943, was dealing in General Insurance Business. On Nationalization of Insurance business in 1969 the Company was subsidiary to The New India Assurance Company which took over the Insurance business of the Company. Jayabharat changed course to become Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and took to the business of financing trucks under Hire-Purchase schemes. Leasing followed so did corporate financing. The Company has paid uninterrupted dividend since 1970 to 2008 i.e.for 34 years to its Shareholders.

Corporate information

Jayabharat Cerdit Limited is in the business of Hire Purchase & Leasing and is registered with RBI under the Status of Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) with Deposit taking Company. The Company designated as an Asset Finance Company. Deposit taking (NBFC) vide Certificate dated 3rd June, 2008. issued by R.B.I.